Charlotte Rodeen-Dickert, Esq.

legal, science, and technical writing


Academic and Educational Writing

Academic Writing and Editing

     It can be difficult to translate complex concepts from technical jargon to written English, but it’s a necessity if you want your audience to connect with your work. I can assist science and engineering graduate students, post-doctorates, and faculty by editing their work so that their ideas and innovations can be clearly understood and accessible to a wide audience. Here are some examples of academic projects with which I can help:

    • Journal articles
    • Research and write grant proposals  
    • Presentations

 Educational Writing

Writing educational content is tricky.  The information has to be clear, but also engaging to keep the attention of the student.  I have worked closely with students of all ages – from kindergarten to law school, and bring this perspective to the table when writing educational materials for your academic institution.  Use my writing talents to create:

    • Textbooks
    • Skills practice materials
    • Evaluation materials
    • Test questions
    • Study guides